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DF changed his mind :( Lock Rss

This happened to me too and I started getting annoyed so I said this is the short list, unless you've got something better to suggest. I sent him off with the name book and he came back with nothing to add and being ok with our original names again. I'd be asking him to contribute some ideas!
How about Sadie or Madeline nn Maddy.
Oh what a pain. Scarlett is lovely! I would also say unless he's got something better or some good other options, that will be her name.

+1 for Milla. Also Maya is simllar. I'd suggest the same, come up with a short list and go from there. Would he consider Scarlett as a middle name? Good luck Frenchkiwichick!

My hubby did this too. We chose a name at 20 weeks when we found out the gender and I thought that was that. I started thinking of my son by that name. Nek minute he's got doubts. But he couldn't come up with an alternative so on the day we just went with the one we had chosen.

Every single name I suggested was turned down. We ended up going through a list of 200 odd names and the name we gave our son was the only one he was like yeah that's alright. Frustrating to say the least!

So I say just go with Scarlett.

That sucks!!

Mila/Milla is lovely too, and its a two syllable name (unless I'm pronouncing it wrong??)
Oh no sad Scarlett is beautiful! What about Violet?? Still beautiful!
Or use Scarlett as a middle name (not with Violet tho!? Lol)
Or Charlotte?? Similar sound but different & love the nn Lotte!
Good luck deciding! smile

Dh did something similar to me when I was pregnant with ds3. He agreed then changed his mind. I told him the decision had been made and if he wanted to change it then he had to come up with alternatives for me to consider. Otherwise we'd go with our first (and agreed on) name. He looked at name books for about 5mins and agreed we had already chosen then best name smile
Charlotte is like Scarlett smile I have a bias to Charlotte as a name though

My DH changed his mind on our baby name a week before he was born!

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Mila is a gorgeous name...reminds me of Mila Kunis and she is beautiful!!

With our last dd, df and I had agreed at the start of pregnancy on the name Sofia if it was a girl. When we found out it was a girl we both didn't like the name anymore lol. I had a dream one night where the baby told me her name which was Alexia. I didn't want to tell df about the dream but started pushing the name Alexia. At first he didn't like the name as he liked Shania, and dd3 name being Janiya it sounded way to similar. He than came up with Shantahlia lol. That name was way too long. His reasoning for not liking Alexia, was he didn't like how it was spelt. So we played around with it and settled on Alexiya. with a nn of Lexi.

Scarlet and Mila are such pretty names.
I love Lani/Larni, Dayna, Lacey, Cora, Danni, Cerys, Shinae and Sharni too but I only have boys smile
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