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Need your opinions, is this name to close to my daughters name? Lock Rss

How about Aston? I'm just trying to think of other names beginning with A smile

I loved Asher for a while too but we ended up with a Lucas and Thomas grin And too close to Ashlyn sad Just Reid is a cool name. I also would pronounce Reidyn as Ray-den.

Sorry way too close for me too! I love just Reid!
One of my besties has a Reeve??
What about Nash?? Good luck deciding! smile

I agree with all of the above - they are very close (even/especially for twins).

You sound like you seem to be pretty set on it though, and you will be the one who has to be sure of it - and as you said, live with it/ be happy for with it for a long time to come.

I hear you on Asher - I share a love of that name, but I always imagined it for a girls name funnily enough. I know two girls who are Asher but no boys.
I think it is too close. I also think of reading when I see Reidyn. I do love Reid though.
It is close but if you have your heart set on it and love it i say use it... DD1 has 3 sisters in her class at School all different ages and all 3 have very similar names all starting with M.. I don't see a problem with it.

Just to throw you a curve ball, I read it as Ry-den. Don't know why, just popped into my head... I too think the others are too close, I chose Ezra, Ez for short for my DS, then Evelyn, which inevitable gets shortened to Ev for DD2. Well I am constantly shouting out the wrong name in a hurry. Your two wouldn't even know which Ash it was that you wanted to do anything, iykwim???
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