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Indi /Indy for a girl Lock Rss

I LOVE Indi / Indy at the moment for a girl. Any opinions?
I know a little Indie, i like the name.
Longer versions just as options India, indigo, Indiana

Love it! If we didn't have friends that just called their bub India Rose then it would be on the list!
It's nice, but it does come across as a nickname. I like hope and hysterias alternative, Indira.

I know a little girl whose name is Indi. I really like the name.

I love it smile
Very sweet and cute
I like it, if it were me I'd go for Indiana and shorten it to Indi
I know a little girl named Indii and love it smile
There is one at DDS school and I've always loved the name.

Love it. There is an Indi in my family, it's so pretty and girly and so is she so it suits her to a T smile
Love it! smile
I have a god daughter Indie xx
Thanks everyone, im glad most of you also like or love the name Indi smile

I also love Lyla/Lila! Or Layla.

Indi and Lyla...

Thank you all for your reponses and I look forward to any more opinions!
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