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decisions decisions... Lock Rss

Hubby & i are expecting baby 2 in 9 weeks. We have decided to not find out what we are having. We have a little boy Finn and we have narrowed down our name list to the following. What are your thoughts?


From your list, I'll agree with Raspberry Sundae - I like Archer & Zara. Good luck. smile
I like Archer and Isla the best smile

Ari and Isla and my pics
Archer is my pick my from your list, as i consider 'A' names for boys to be classy, modern and strong at the same time. Great name to carry one through life with strength.
Isla from the girls list because it's pure beautiful! Very Modern & sweet with sophistication as she grows.
Good Luck!
I like archer and Stella smile

I like Archer and Isla from your list.
Isla is on our girls list smile

I like Archer and Zara from your lists.

All the best smile
Archer and Zara are great names smile
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