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That perfect name.. Lock Rss

Does anyone else feel like they have heard every name possible and still can't find that perfect name?
I like normal names that aren't often used. When I hear a baby announcement with a name that's not an overly used name i get so excited. I just can't seem to pin point my perfect name, if this (our #3) ends up being a boy. I'm all sorted for a girls name.

For example at the park the other day a mum said her baby boys name was kurt and although I don't like that name for me, I was so happy bcos although I know a 20 something aged guy named kurt, it's the first baby iv heard of with the name kurt.

I'm really struggling and I feel like iv heard them all. Ps I did find one perfect name that was the answer to all my problems, Wyatt. Then I realised my cousin used it for her son.

What category would you put the name Hendrix in? As in other names that are on the same wave length.. And is it natural to shorten Hendrix to Henry... Do you find Hendrix to be out there and not a manly name or is it adaptable to who ever a little boy grows up to be?

Thank you so much to anyone who responds to my naming meltdown!! I really appreciate it.
I haven't heard of a Hendrix before so I would classify it as a more unusual type name. And I think it would get shortened to Henry. I do like it though and I think it would suit a boy or a man smile

Well, I popped on over to name for some fresh inspiration and came up with a list in 2 hours.


I need excitement after arguing with myself over my current list which is

Doesn't help when I have an amazing DH that just wants to leave it up to me!!
Hendrix is spoken of so much as it holds great meaning to me in my family history and this is my last baby! All the other names are names I am fond of and ATM Declan is sounding very strong! Thanks for your reply too doublewammy.
While Hendrix may not be popular its still trendy to name boys a surname as a first name these days. Names like Harrison, Jackson, Ryder, Grayson and Parker.

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