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Twin boys! Lock Rss

My sister in-law recently found out her twins are boys!
These are her top boys names. Can you let us know your favourite twin combos?
Don't worry about middles, they will be family names that will be decided after the first names are decided.
Thanks everyone.

Archer and Flynn!
Archer and Oscar

I'm no good. I quite like them all.

Archer and Oscar
Archer and Max
Oscar and Max
Archer and Oliver
Archer and Flynn
Archer & Flynn are my picks
Good luck. I have twin boys and finding names was the hardest thing.

Just don't have them too simular as it will drive you mad. Friends of ours have adult twins and they named them simular names and regret it now as everyone always blends their names. And trust me when you are calling your kids you can easily get it all wrong.

Good luck. I hope all is going well for her pregnancy.

I love Archer and Flynn.
I love Oscar and Max the best.

they're all lovely names though, Flynn would also be a good pick imo.

I wouldn't go with Archer and Oscar as I find them too similar, but everyone likes different things so she may like similar names.
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