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Raspberry Sundae wrote:

I think if you want to change you should ... just once. What does your partner think?

Good luck making such a hard decision.

I second this totally!! Good luck that sounds like a really hard position to be in sad
My parter is worried about what other people think. He says his name suits him and I need to snap out of it. I haven't sent his birth registration away yet because I'm not happy with it. I've tried discussing with my sister and mother but their reaction is "You're not going to change his name are you?"
Raspberry Sundae wrote:
That makes it a little harder if your partner is happy. Could you compromise and call him by his middle name or a derivative of it like Jimmy or Jay for example?

This is weird and it sounds like I a run in a weird circle of friends but another couple I know couldn't agree and they both called the child something different. The name the mum chose was on the birth certificate but the dad refused to use it and called his daughter something very very different. The daughter went with what the dad called her if you asked her what her name was.

No ideal but seemed to work for them.

PS .... welcome to huggies and congratulations on the birth of your precious little dude smile

Thanks so much if only people were so supportive in the real world. I think the problem is I didn't fall in love with a boy name and I therefore feel like I'm settling and his middle name is one of the most common male names out there. My mum has suggested calling him KJ but when I go to call him that it feels forced. I didn't have this problem with my daughter. Once I named her that was her name I didn't think twice about it.
Just curious, but were you shocked or disappointed you had a boy? I mean did you think you were having a girl? Could that be a reason?
On the other hand and going with the trend rs set... Could you keep Kobi James but add on a name you like? e.g Landon Kobi James ...?
My cousin changed her daughters name at about 6 weeks old, she got lots of shit from the family about it and some of them still call the girl (who is 2 in December) the original name they chose, but it just didn't sit right with my cousin and so she changed it and is happy with her decision smile

All I can say if talk to your Husband, make him realise how big a deal it is to you. Try and come to some sort of agreement.
Pick a nickname for your child and call him that if your Husband won't let you change the name.
Surely there's another name both of you could come to an agreement on?

I wish I could change a few of my kids names but meh, too late now. Naming a child is so life long and big mistakes can be made. Don't name the child if you aren't happy with the name. It does haunt you forever. Forever wishing it was different. :/
I love hearing stories of people in similar situations where it all worked out in the end smile

I honestly don't think anyone around me (inc. fiance) knows how bothered it makes me. He's my beautiful son and he needs the name that's perfect for him. Dad was too stubborn to even sit down and look at other options when I was pregnant and has since admitted he did like one of my top 3.

My daughter also has my middle name (also my mother's) and my surname so a big change with this bub.
Sorry you are in this predicament. We did not pick a name for our DS until the day before he was born (I had an elective c section) and we knew we were having a boy and even then it was down to two names. Once he was born we chose Tyler and now I can't imagine him being anything but a Tyler.

Personally I'm not a huge fan of Kobi (no offence). I think it's more the spelling than the name itself that get's me. I don't think I like K names for some looks harsh or something. I dunno...I'm probably not making sense lol.

How about Caleb? Similar to Kobi but 'prettier' looking IYKWIM. Plus I think CJ is a cute nickname.

Good luck!

My cousin changed his boys name at about 3-4 weeks. We all had a wee giggle but quickly forgot and never thought about it again. If you are unhappy then you need to change it.
bumblebee27 wrote:
How common is this name in your circle? I know a Kobi who was born 4 days before him, a Koby, 2 Kobe's and a Jakobi.

I know one Kobe who is now 7 and a Jacobi from playgroup (I really like Jacobi actually).

Like skippy and the Greek said, try to get your husband to see how important it is to you. Otherwise, would you consider referring to him as James?

Not a nice situation, sorry.

Go with your gut mamma smile

So what if people talk- you know what it's like as a parent, everyone has an opinion on every choice we make! Might as well make decisions we're happy with wink

Good luck but I think trust your instincts smile

Ps. Welcome to huggies grin

Me again!

How about Cade/Kade...seeing as you had Cadence chosen for an girl???

Just a thought.

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