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Sibling name for Evie. Lock Rss

Our second bub us due in December and we can not decide on a name. We are not finding out the gender so need to have a name for each.
At this stage our favourite boys names are Max and Jack with Raymond as a middle name. And for a little girl, we like Matilda and Isla with Willow as a middle name.
Any thoughts on those names or any other suggestions would help out so much.
Thanks everyone!
I like Jack and Isla off you list.

Some names I like

I like the sound of Max Raymond and Isla Willow

I like Jack and Isla!

Thanks so much for your replies, they have really helped!
We also liked Willow as a first name, however, our dogs name is Wilson so I thought they may have been too similar?
At this stage, Isla Willow is locked in and still splitting hairs over the boys names.
Thanks again.

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