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Help us choose a middle name :-) Lock Rss


My husband and I are struggling to find a middle name. We have two daughters called Mia Joy and Ella Jade. We don't know the sex of our next baby (due in two weeks) and we have both love the name Lara for a girl.

We have a carried on a family tradition with the middle name starting with mum or dads middle name for the fb son/daughter and then using the same initial (in this case 'J') for our next kids, etc.

So any 'J' middle names that anyone can suggest that works perfectly with Lara would be greatly appreciated.

Lara J..... ??

Thanks in advance smile
Lara Joan
Lara Jane
Lara Julie
Lara Jules
Lara Jodelle
Lara Jodie

Do you have a boys name picked out?

Yes boys name will be either Adam James or Billy James... Just need to pick one.

Lara Jessica
Lara Jessie

I cant think of any more, that others haven't had said atm smile

I like Lara Jewel smile

I have always liked Jorja.

But probably the ones that goes better would be:

Lara Johanna
Lara Jaslin

Would you use Jamie? Or are you saving James if you have a boy in the future?

I also like Jesse.

So Lara Jamie or Lara Jesse smile
Lara Jane
Lara June
Lara Jessamy
Lara Jillian or Jill
Lara Jamila
Lara Judith
Lara Jewel ...
Lara Jade sounds very beautiful.
Congrats. Love the name Lara. I think jane would go well... Lara Jane???

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