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Middle name (and spelling?) for Kobe! Lock Rss

I think we're pretty much decided on Kobe for our boy, as I feel it's more a boy's name these days? DH only other suggestion was Jordan which I think is now more a girl's name?
So I'm wondering,
a) Kobe/Koby/Kobie; are the last 2 too feminine?
b) middle names? so far I like Kobe Luca or Kobe Jax but I don't feel like either of them flow real well with our surname Hyde? What do you think? Ta smile

For myself, just looking at "Kobe" doesn't automatically have me saying ko-bee, I'd be more likely to see it as like rhyming with "robe". I'd go with the spelling "Koby" myself, but that's just my opinion smile

Not sure on middle names at the moment.

Good luck working it all out. smile
I was thinking the same, I mean I like the spelling Kobe but I'd read other threads saying people weren't automatically going for the long ee sound :/ Does Koby Hyde look funny? lol

If we have another boy in the future I have chosen Koby smile
Hello & congratulations!

I like KOBE. Nice on the eye and looks good with Hyde..

Middle name suggestions:

Brax (or Braxton)

All the best and happy name choosing!

Coby Jaxon

I've been told by dh none of the "c" variations because it looks like corn cob hahaha tongue so difficult to please!

trying to find a middle name is hard! my other kids have short middle names so i'm finding myself looking at short middle names again, but i'm ending up with 3x 4 letter names lol

I was looking at Kobe/Koby Dallas as it was on my list of names, but does it sound too American? lol

Spelling for the boys I know is Koby
I'd go with Koby Jax! Sounds super cool! I love the name Kody too but I may be biased!!? wink Good luck deciding! smile

My husband says he doesn't like any middle names I suggested and he wants bub's name to be Koby Roy. I hate it sad It's so daggy!!

What is he thinking?

Try to suggest something similar like Koby Troy.

I don't know!! I even said Royce is sliiiiightly better but nope won't have that! He was the one who suggested Koby too, I just warmed to it, but I don't think I can warm to Roy, I just keep thinking this poor baby is going to hate me lol

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