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Middle name for Emme Lock Rss

Hi, we have settled on first name Emme for our baby girl but have 3 middle name options:
Emme Raya
Emme Danielle (after my mum)
Emme Olivia

What do you think?

Mummy to be

Thankyou! That is my favourite too but hubby isn't convinced it sounds the nicest out of the three!

Mummy to be

I love in this order Olivia, Raya, Danielle

But in all honesty I would go for Danielle if it's ur mums name cause of the sentimental reasons
I also like Emme Danielle smile
Emme Danielle
I think Raya goes best of the 3.
I think they all sound great! U can't really go wrong! smile

You could have Emme Daniella smile or Emme Rae Danielle?

I like Emme Raya, as I like Emma-Rae.

I really like Raya.
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