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opinion on name Lock Rss

Hey what do u girls think of the name laikan tommy
I like the name Laikan, I prefer a different spelling though.
Maybe Laiken.
How are u going to pronounce it??
Laikan.... Liken?? (Lai as in Kai) Or Lake-en??
I like the 2nd one but not sure how'd I'd spell it either!?
I'm thinking Layken maybe???
Kinda makes me think just go with Lincoln Tommy
or Landon Tommy to avoid confusion!?
Sorry I'm no help at all!? Lol Good luck deciding! smile

Hey yer its pronounced lake en or sounds like bacon but with an 'l'
I've never heard of It is there a cultural reference? It sounds pretty!!!
Tommy is a boys name...
Not cultural that I kno of yer we had a boy
Sorry I read your post as what's your opinion on this girls name!
Thats ok I thought that was the case hahah all gd
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