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Charlie for a girls name? Lock Rss

Hi everyone

I am only a few weeks pregnant and i dont know what sex i am having. But my partner and i both mutually agree or are happy with the name Charlie if we have a girl??
I know its more of a male name but we like it for some reason. I have a rare name and i was bullied a little because of it. But dont want to use an over used name.
What are peoples thoughts??
I like it! Picking a name you both like can be difficult, so if you've found that name, go for it!

My sister's daughter is Charlie. Well Charlotte is on her birth certificate but no one calls her that. Lovely name smile

I know of a few female Charli/ Charlie's.

My daughters name is Charlize but everyone calls her Charli. It was our compromise as Dh didn't want Charli to be her legal name. The same thing happened to the lady I room shared with when I was in hospital having dd2. She named her daughter Charlotte as she loved the name Charli and her husband wasn't sold yet.

I think it's a beautiful name and have only had one negative reaction (two old biddies in the supermarket being too nosey for their own good) and totally positive elsewise and she is now 6 smile

Congrats on your pregnancy.
Charli is a gorgeous name for a girl smile

I love charlie as a girls name I think go for it aswell
Well officially her name could be Charlotte but bring her up to be called Charlie by everyone. I think both are nice names and when she goes to apply for a job or a job interview or introducing herself , she can choose which name she wants to give. I think having the name Charlotte will also help with pronunciation when she meets non native speakers of English who might not be familiar with Charlie but with the more well known "Charlotte"...By the way in France, Charlotte is the name of pudding with like finger biscuits around the border
I agree with everyone above, i think its a nice name. Personally, i would officially name the baby Charlotte, but have her known as Charli.
Any female Charli's i know haven't had the 'e' on the end of their name either. My dad is Charles (known as Charlie) so i see the 'e' spelling as more male, but that is a personal thought.
Yes I also agree! I've been planning to do that as well, have a girly name as her official name (say Charlotte, Charlene) and Charlie or Charli for her nickname smile
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