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Does it really matter how popular a name is? 3 days til DD and not sure on name Lock Rss

Hey my due date is 3 days away and still not sure on a name. I really like Ava but is it too popular? Does it really matter anyway? Other names considered are Hannah and Isabella. Our last name has 3 syllables so I'm not sure if Isabella is too much. What do you girls think?
I think its just a personal preference, sometimes you cant help if the name you love is popular. If you have no problem with it then go for it. I dont think Ava is as popular as it was though, I work in a child care centre and teach swimming and its not a name we hear as much now, most children with it are now in school. Isabella would be more popular now, we have quite a few children with that name. We have a 3 syllable surname as well and our twins have 2 syllable names, seems to flow well.
I'm struggling with this too. My partner and I don't know what we are having and settled on a boy and girl name quite early on without much fuss. Since then I kept seeing the boy name (Archer) appear on the Huggies list of most popular names of the week and I just read an article today that it is the fastest rising boys name for the first half of 2014 on! We were really determined that we didn't want our kid to have a name that lots of other kids would have but we also do not want crazy/weird names.

Now I feel we are going to name this baby (if it is a boy) a name that is soon going to be super popular which we didn't want but I'm torn because we immediately liked the name when we saw it and we haven't found another one we like as much. I feel I'm going to spend the rest of my day name hunting on the internet! Baby is due tomorrow... but have a feeling it is quite comfortable in there and won't be making an appearance for a few more days at least.
If it helps I have only ever come across 2 Ava's, one at my DD's pre-school and one at her dancing so I dont think it is that popular.

Ava is a beautiful name, if you like it stick with it. My DS is William if you look back on lists it was 1 on populatirty for years but we liked the name and it's a family name on both sides so we stuck with it. We couldn't imagine him with a different name now
I love Ava, I think you should stick with it. I personally know more Isabella's and Hannah's than Ava's.
stick with the names you like, don't change it just because other it's on the most popular list. Our little girl is due in a month and I've had the name Charlotte picked out since I was pregnant with DS1 5 years ago!!! and now it's on the most popular list but I'm sticking to it, the lists are based on how many people have the names on their favourites list, it doesn't mean they have picked that name. Ava is a beautiful name, keep the others in mind once she comes but don't let the popularity of the name change your decision, see what suits her. Good Luck!

All three of those names appear in the most popular names list for NZ for 2013, so your taste obviously matches that of most kiwi mums! If you love a name, use it. If it's popular it just means that everyone will know how to spell and pronounce it wink
I'd say Isabella is a bit much with a long surname. Ava and Hannah sound great. Good luck!
If u love it just go for it! It's hard to find the "perfect" name as it is! My sons name wasn't even in the Top 100 when he was born but there was still a boy with the same name in his class!? Good luck deciding! smile

I have similiar thinking that we wanted a name that was known, but not top 10 or 20 popular.
But, if you have a name in mind and bub arrives, you'll know if she is an Ava or a Hannah or an Isabella. I would just have the names ready, an exclude the thoughts of popularity.
I do agree with some of the posts above though, that Isabella with a 3 syllable surname may be too much.
Yes, just go for your preferred names, it shouldn't matter if it's popular or not. And I personally think Ava is a lovely name. Isabella or Belle is also good smile
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