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Hi everyone, i'm at the 36 week mark now and have narrowed down names. As extra info, we have a son, Aaron Thomas that the name needs to work with. I'm curious on your opinion on them...Thanks in advance for any feedback.

Dylan Alexander B...y
Ashton Alexander B...y
Nathan Alexander B...y

(The middle name is not going to change)

Cassandra Mabel B...y
Cassandra Elizabeth B...y
Samantha Mabel B...y
Samantha Elizabeth B...y

BOY - dylan and then nathan
GIRL - samantha elizabeth then cassandra elizabeth
I like Ashton but might be too similar to Aaron? So dylan would be next choice.

I like Cassandra more than Samantha

Anf Elizabeth is a great middle name wink

I like Nathan and Cassandra.
I vote for Dylan Alexander and Cassandra Elizabeth! smile
So far thats 3 for Dylan and 2 for Nathan
(i had also thought that Ashton and Aaron might be too similar so will probably leave out Ashton now).

And 1 for Samantha, 4 for Cassandra.

Thanks for the thoughts so far.
Dylan or Cassandra with either middle name for me!
Although Nate Alexander would beat Dylan but I'm biased!? wink
Good luck deciding! smile

Still pregnant here so still circling around on the names. I'm 38 weeks so not overdue, but had a feeling baby would come earlier and it doesn't seem to be listening.
I like the names i've listed, then second guess myself on the little things like if we went Nathan Alexander, the bub would have the same initials as me. Would that actually affect anything? Probably not, but i wonder if it'd be a problem with mail in the future.
I think the bub will have to tell us which of the names is its, i'm not sure i'll be down to just the 1 name for boy, 1 for girl by the time bub arrives.
I'll go for:
Nathan Alexander .
Samantha Elizabeth


My cousins who are brothers
Are named Aaron and Nathan so I know it works well. I also like Dylan for a boy too. Of your girl options I would choose Samantha Mabel
Well Cassandra Elizabeth arrived November 2nd at 6pm. She was 4kg and 52 cms long and a cutie!

She was a Cassie as soon as we saw her.

Thanks for the opinions everyone.
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