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Torn between two names, need your help please! Lock Rss

Hi all, we've found out we're having a girl (yay:) and have a few friends also having girls around the same time so we need to keep the name we choose a secret. After countless hours, I/we have narrowed the list down to two names - Cassidy and Meredith. Does the name Cassidy work in Australia or does it sound too North American? Your general thoughts on each of the two names would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance smile)
I think Cassidy definitely works in Australia. I know a few Cassidy's. I prefer it over Meredith.
Thanks rissy84 smile
I think Cassidy sounds nice too, I too have heard it a few times. Also just a suggestion, if you are really keen on both Cassidy & Merideth have you thought of maybe creating your own name? I'm not very create but just a thought I have heard it works for some x
I have tried making up a name and/or changing spelling to make a name more original and realised it's not for me. I've also been through the popular names list a few times, some of which i really liked, but then thought, could I be any less creative? I pretty much exhausted the options one has when going through the process of naming their child and these (Cassidy and Meredith) are the two that came out on top. You guys are really helpful. Thanks so much smile
I also prefer Meredith.

Sorry but Cassidy reminds me of the races and horse names.

I like Cassidy smile

I guess another thing to think about is what people are going to call her for short. Cassidy will get Cas or Cassie and Meredith would possibly get Merry or Edith. I prefer Cassidy as Meredith sounds a bit granny to me.

i like both names. My suggestion would be to have both names and then decide when she is born. We always had 2-3 names left at the end of the pregnancy and then made the choice once they were born. Both my boys were named within 10 mins of being delivered as it just clicked what name suited them, me and hubby always fought on the names but agreed straight away after the birth. It's good to get opinions but it comes down to what YOU feel is right.

Don't fret if you can't make up your mind, start using each of the names when you speak to her and see what feels right. Good Luck!!

Thanks heaps everyone, keep 'em coming smile
Ooo I loooove Cassidy by far! smile

Both lovely names but I lean towards Cassidy as my preference.
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