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Vote your faveourite and comment Thoughts on these names please :) Lock Rss

Hi just wanted some opinions please smile



What names do you prefer out of my choices? Any other names similar you could suggest?

Thanks smile
Also, Indigo for a girl?
I like eve and Jackson smile
I like Ivy, Willow, Mia and Oliver.

Ivy and Violet were at the top of my list but dh wouldn't have either sad So obviously they'd be my top two picks. Mia is soooo popular atm and I really don't see the reason. Bit boring to me. Not a fan of Indigo either, it another I just don't get why it's so popular. From your boys list I like Jack (although very popular), Oliver and Oscar. I'd rate Oscar as top pick though smile
Ivy and Jackson wink


I really like Ivy, its one of the names on my list for a girl
I actually love Evelyn, with Evie for short.
Willow is a nice name too, becoming very popular again.
I'm not too fussed on the boys names you have picked, but out of the 4 i would say Oliver
I like Mia because she is a sexy girl . She is very very pretty and has nice eyes. You will be stunned when you meet a Mia.
See more :
I love Evelyn for a girl & Oliver or Oscar for boys...but I have an Oscar myself & love it!
Evelyn or Indigo would be my girl picks and Oliver for a boy smile

LOVE all your girls names. Especially Evelyn (Evie for short).

Agree with Zoedee for your boys names. I like Oliver out of the four though. I find boys names really tough!
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