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Name Suggestions?! Lock Rss

My Husband and I found out that our little man has a heart condition, so everything is a bit uncertain at the moment. Due to these complications, we've been a lot more focused on the meaning of the name we choose this time around... I've been searching for meanings like; fighter, strength, heart, brave, etc. Still, nothing is jumping out at me. We also don't like anything that's too common.
Can any of you lovely ladies suggest some names with great meanings?
Thank you, in advance!!
One of my twins had to fight all the way to make it. Doctors never had much hope for him. He was also diagnosed with a heart issue. Really long story. The names we gave our twins were Riley as it means fighter/warrior and the other is Brodie one of the meaning of Brodie is second born son. Just by chance he was twin number 2. They are both two healthy almost 6 year olds now.

Good luck. It can be a very stressful time. I hope that all works out for you.

Rome - meaning Strength, Power
Theo - meaning God given
Jarl - meaning Chieftain, Nobleman
kane - Warrior
I like the name Arthur and it means "Strong as a Bear" with its Celtic origins.
Good luck to you and your little one xxx
Me+hub+3 - Thank you for the suggestions! Our first born was premmie and in Hospital for 13 weeks, with bowel issues, before coming home for the first time. So, I have a little bit of an idea what we're in for, and the stress you went through... I'm glad to hear that both your boys are doing well, now! smile

Kayell - I love the name Rome! Thank you! smile

BelaBluebell - I never knew the meaning of Arthur, I love it! Thank you for your kind words smile

Raspberry Sundae - Caelin is on our shortlist! Thank you! smile
Louis (pronounced LOO-iss) "famous warrior".
Hi there. I don't have any name suggestions for you. But I just wanted to wish you luck with your babies heart condition. It's a very scary time but I'm sure the doctors are just as good over there as they are here in NZ. My little girl had heart surgery to close some quite large holes in here heart when she was seven weeks old. Was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, handing her over to the surgeon. I know there's many more babies with worse heart conditions and that we're one of the lucky ones. Our little girl is now an amazing cheeky ten month old girl. Good luck with everything.
Ethan is on my list of possibilities - means Strong.
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