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Indie Mae?? Lock Rss

Expecting suprise baby #4 and hav been thinking of girls names.
I like Indie Mae...
Are there any other middle names that are different that may match Indie? Or similar edgy names to Indie.
I like that name!!!!! smile
My friend's daughters name is Indy and she is a little spunk.

I have an Amarli.

I also like
thats a lovely name, i would go with indie nox but thats just me laugh
I really like Indi for a girl!

Indie Mae is gorgeous smile
I think Indie Mae is gorgeous.
Another couple of options could be Indie Jade or Indie Paige...
I have a India Delilah, and a Isla May. I love indie Mae
I like Indie Mae.

I also like Indie Paige
Indie Lila
Indie Eve
Indie Rose
Indie Mae is a nice one,
How about below suggestions?
Indie Bronwyn
Indie Hazel
Indie Avis
Indie Orla
Indie Ainsley
Indie Viola
I really like that name too. It flows beautifully together smile
Indie Mae is lovely (and the meaning of Mae spelling is better than the meaning of May spelling)

Otherwise - Saige, Cait, Rayne, Layne, Matisse
I like that and it's lovely.
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