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India or Indiah? Lock Rss

Hi all,
We are naming our baby Indiah Jillian (Jillian after my Mum) & last name starts with an R.
We will call her Indie also.
However in the last few days waiting for labour ive started to have doubts about the 'h'. I worry that she will constantly have to tell people 'theres a h on the end' & that maybe it makes the name a bit bogany.
But at the same time i feel like India might be perceived as a bit weird (we have no ties to the country, only The Doors songs which was what cemented it for us), so the 'h' gives it an identity above the country.
I know im overthinking things, but what are peoples thoughts? Hubby likes Indiah but he picked our sons name (Dylan Lennon) so im comfortable vetoing him if needed.
I'm usually a traditionalist too but in this case I think I actually prefer the spelling with the h on the end. I've always loved the name India but have never seen it spelt with an h. I really like it though. It's even given me an option for my baby! Indiah has my vote though!
Best of luck x
I tend to shun those silent and "decorative" additions to names (like extra H's etc) as I find them unnecessary and overly complicated and ahem "bogany" too. I vote India. Perfectly good name; why mess with it ?!
I have a India and people always ask how to spell it, I say just like the country. Makes it easy.
I'm a total traditionalist on spelling of names. My name is unusual and I detest having to always explain it and spell it to people. Both our children have very traditionally spelt names.

As a teacher I used to find it frustrating with all the alternative spellings and pronunciation too. There was a student called "Gaw-jah" Georgia. I thought it was just plain strange.
*mummsy* wrote:
There was a student called "Gaw-jah" Georgia. I thought it was just plain strange.

Yep, that is STRANGE!!!
Hmmm i think maybe i do like India better. I cannot believe people ask how to spell it - i would have assumed they would just spell it India unless otherwise told! Spelling these days is so neglected.
I am hoping she will 'speak' to me when she is born - am going to tell the nurse to write India on the card & that way i can decide to add the 'h' if i need to later.
Thank you for your input everybody smile
Had another thought. If you aren't sure about the name India/Indiah and you plan to call her Indie anyway, what about another similar and beautiful name : Indira ?
I prefer the traditional spelling - India.
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