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Percy- thoughts?? Lock Rss

We are expecting a little man in June. We already have a princess Charlotte Ava and really like old-style names and Percy stuck out in my first pregnancy if she was to be a boy.
So now after having a toddler and becoming too familiar with all the kids shows, I have come to remember that Percy is also the name of a damn train in Thomas the tank lol.
Hubby and I were pretty set on it but now I am unsure. I don't want people to think its named after Thomas the tank engine, but I am also questioning if it is seen as a 'strong' name. Like is it a bit annoying to say constantly, or will kids call him 'Pussy' to rip him off..
I know everyone will have their own opinion but just after some pros/cons and thoughts.. I wont be offended

Thanks xo
I'm going to be honest and admit that the first thing that came to mind is the engine on Thomas the Tank Engine! As RS said, pretty much all names can be associated with something!

What about something similar like Perry? There was a little boy named Perry at our old playgroup!

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