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What are the rules?? Lock Rss

Please Help! Feeling between a rock and a hard place! Hubby and I picked our babies names long ago and finally have the baby boy we were waiting on..... trouble is I have just found out that my ex's sister has recently named her boy the same name........ We have no contact at all, but I also have a son with my ex, is it too much for my 4yr old to have a brother and cousin with the same name?????
I think you could still use it, names are hard to find the perfect one.

Good luck.

I think you should go with the name you have chosen. You will regret it if you don't. Names are so hard to agree on.

Good luck. I'm sure that your DS will cope just fine and probably have a nick name for them anyway.

You know what, you can call your baby boy whatever you want to. There are no rules saying you can't name your baby the name you chose because someone you know also chose that name.

Goodluck & Congratulations smile
If you really not feeling good to name your son with that same name, you can go for some other one. There are many sources available online to find the names. As you think, your son may not feel comfortable calling brother and cousin with the same names.
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