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Love it, but don't think it works with last name.... Lock Rss

My husband and I love the name Scarlett, but don't think it will go with our last name. Our last name sounds like Sennett. Is this too much?
Thanks smile
Hi, I don't usually like names which are alliterations but I do like that combination. However if you're worried it doesn't go you'll probably never be able to accept it.
I really love Scarlett but not sold on the combo with the last name sorry!
I love love love Scarlett it's not to bad with the last name try and say the name in full a few times it might catch on it might not give it a try
I'm not a fan of the double letter (first and last name). Also if your surname ends in a double tt I think it will be way to rhymey and sound like a chant. Sorry. I know a couple of Scarlett's and their sisters are Alexis (Lexi) and Alessandra. I've always thought Scarlett sounds similar to Charlotte.
Best of luck.
I like Scarlett but it doesn't go well with your last name.
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