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Is this the right name? How did you pick? Lock Rss

Boyfriend and I found out that we're expecting a little baby boy!

I've always wanted kids so I'm very excited. I'm due end of October (October 31st - he'll literally be a Halloween baby!) and I was just wondering if the name sounds right?

We are thinking of the name Toby Henry Moore. Toby because I've always liked that name, Henry after the godfather-to-be, and obviously Moore as the surname.

Is there any way of making Toby sound not-so-childish? I'm thinking of the long-term and wondering if it'll be too childish when he's older. How did you pick your baby's name?

Thank you in advance ladies!
You could call him Tobias? And then just refer to him at Toby while he's young. Otherwise sounds like a great name =)
jellybean2b wrote:
You could call him Tobias? And then just refer to him at Toby while he's young. Otherwise sounds like a great name =)

I'd like to call him Tobias but so many people I've talked to have warned me about the possible overflow of "Tobiases" after that book and movie series, Divergent. I mean, I didn't watch it, but I also don't want him to be "Toby M" when there's three other Toby/Tobeys in his year, let alone his class. Having a mother and stepmother who are both teachers, they both stressed to me the importance of having a name unique enough to be there.

Is Toby even the right name? Or do you think something else could work with Henry and Moore?
I think Toby Henry Moore is a great name that would suit a small child and a grown man.
More importantly do you love the name? That's all that matters at the end of the day , he is your son.
We never spoke to our family about our DS name it was revealed after he arrived because we did not want to hear everybody's opinions. We had a few names picked out and made our finial decision after meeting our son. Go with a name you and your partner love .
I agree with bullseye!
If you love the name, that's all that matters. What if when he goes to school and no other kid in his class has his name? Will you regret not naming him Toby/Tobias? And even so, my name is Kelly and there were a couple of other Kelly's in my class/year level. I survived! wink there is no importance of having a unique name, it's a name. My name is not as common anymore and I find I rarely meet anyone with my simple name. If you love it, choose it. This is your baby, no one else's, so do what you feel is best. I wouldn't let anyone else tell you otherwise. I think Toby is a gorgeous name and suits both young and at an older age smile
Thank you, both of you.

I think this baby-naming process has just become a big bundle of nerves for this mummy-to-be. We're going to keep talking about names, but I think Toby will be Toby. I love it, SO loves it, and if he is one of several in his classes, then I suppose that his teachers will just have to put up with it.

Thank you for your kind words!
I have a 25 years old friend called Toby and it doesn't sound childish at all. Stick to your name.
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