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Opinions?? Lock Rss

Opinion on the name khan for a baby boy?
DH really likes it.... But I'm not 100% would love to know what others think of it!
Personally I'm not a huge fan however with all names I think if you like it go for it. My son's name is unusual so I bet half the people I know will hate it but I love it so that's all that matters. However you don't sound like you're sold on the name so it sounds like its back to the drawing board.
I actually don't mind it. It's different without being too 'out there'!

Mind you, that depends on how you would pronounce it!?

If you pronounce it Kharn as in genghis Khan, then I like it!

Reminds me of the tv show Citizen Khan, which is hilarious by the way! smile I like it smile

I'm curious, what's the other way to pronounce it?
By the way, to answer your question. I think it only matters how this name sounds to you. Don't worry about other people since you'll never be able to please all of them.
I'd pronounce it like carn. I really want a name that's different with out being too out there thanks for all the feedback!
I like it - my sister's name got shortened to Khan when she was younger.
Search on google and i am sure you will get lot of names and you only need to choose one.
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