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What do you think of these names? Lock Rss

My husband and I are set on giving our kids uncommon or even unheard of names. We love these but when we tell our friends they give us strange looks.
What'd you think? What are your favourites? What middle names would go well?
Be completely honest.



I only like Skylah and Mylo from your list. Don't like the rest at all. But hey, they're not my kids they're yours so call them what you like smile

All the best deciding!!

Hi. My son has a very uncommon name. We chose to match it with a very common middle name just in case he hates it as an adult so he has a common name he could go by if he wants. We love his name and get mostly positive reactions (although confusion about pronunciation/spelling)

Also from your list I wouldn't personally use whisper. I think it could set them up for either getting teased about being quiet or being told to be like their name sake. Children can be cruel and if your child is both shy and called whisper its giving ammunition for teasing. I also would avoid jynx for the same reason. Any time something goes wrong people will say he jinxed it.

I like all the boys ones although personally would spell mylo as milo. The only girls one I like is skylah
Hey there, this is my first ever forum post. I like that you are taking feedback on your chosen names. smile

My full name is "Jaimee" which is common as a name (and I like it) but the spelling is sometimes unusual.
I just wanted to give you my opinion, as I have grown up with an odd spelling name, I will just say be wary of how many times your child will have to re-pronounce the name and/or spell it out every time someone writes it on a form, on an invitation, at school and in the workplace when they are older. I know my mum liked the spelling which is all fine, but it does get annoying having to see it wrong all the time, or you have to spell it out daily for people. Life would be much easier with a normal name! smile

Personally out of your above choices, Skylah is the best, at least you can read it in a list and don't have to sit there and stare at it and be scared you will say it incorrectly. smile It's a beautiful name. I agree with the MILO spelling over MYLO (again - a life time of correcting people).

Best of luck with your decision and I am sure they will suit the name you end up choosing. smile
I think unusual names are beautiful and in the end it is your decision, but at the same time you want a name that your kid will be proud of too! Skylah is beautiful for a girl and I like Mylo for a boy, but would personally spell it "Milo".
My middle name is "Petronella" as it is my grandmothers first name, it is unusual for me, but in Holland it is a common name (My grandmother is from Holland), I love my middle name, however my Mums middle name is "Sijbregt" and she hates it.... so I guess in the end it's always up to you anyway. I think if you go with an unusual 1st name, maybe a common or simple middle name is a good idea? Here's some I think are pretty/nice:
- Skylah Rose
- Skylah Grace
- Skylah Joy
- Milo Jacob
- Milo Sebastian
- Milo Robert

Hope that helps, Good luck! xx

I think Skylah is best (or Skyler) for boy or girl
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