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Makenzie rae ?? Lock Rss

Hi i Need help with deciding on middle names for our 3rd babygirl
First name

Middle names
Lilly rae or lilly ann
Or something pretty like a flower


My 2 girls names are summer and serenity rose

Mackenzie Rae ? Having two middle names seems a bit weird to me . smile
Both of my daughters have 2 middle names
Lilly Rae is lovely
I have a Leilahni-Rayne. She gets nicknamed Lili-Rae
Lily rae is cute!
Do you say their full names only when they're in trouble though lol..
My girls are Fijian, they have extra long names!
Safahri-Jade Vilìame Naulumatua Bitu and Leilahni-Rayne Kinita Naulumatua Bitu. What was I thinking? Haha. Their middle names are the names of their royal ancestors, so I wanted to hyphenate their first name to give them the middle names I chose. I think this next damn baby can just be Bob! Haha
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