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Help!!! Need a name for our 1 week old???? Lock Rss

Hi, I'm hoping I can get a bit of inspiration for a name for our new daughter????
She's a week old and we can't keep calling her Baby or NN ( no name) for much longer ????
We already have 2 girls that's names are Codi and Kenzie and would like a name that you don't hear very often but doesn't sound out of place with their names?
I prefer a shorter name but would love to hear what your thoughts are ????
Are you looking for a name that starts with C/K, and/or do you want it to end in the y/i/ie sound?
Matteya? Nicknamed mattie?
Hi, We keep going towards the CK sounding names for some reason but it doesn't need to be:)
Matteya? Nicknamed mattie?
Kirsten__1 wrote:
Matteya? Nicknamed mattie?

Prefer shorter sounding names really, that name is pretty though:)
Cleo (my pick)
Charli (may be too popular for your liking?)
Cailin (not Caitlyn)


I don't mind Cailin but other half doesn't ????
Names we liked were Kyra ( but found out that was my partners friends daughters name) Kya, Kiana and Kiani.... All K's for some reason??... But weren't loving any?
Was hoping to hear a name that we both go ooo yeah like that ????Lol
My husband is just as picky with names. I give him 20 suggestions and he scraps it to one or two. Lol Kayla/Kaylie?
Some suggestions for thought
I like most of those names... The problem is the other half..sad we are thinking more Kyah now maybe? Found if spelt KIAH it means 'From a beautiful place ' and we live in a very beautiful place near the sea and was also thinking Mai for middle name.. As means ocean:) just wondering the best way to spell it? Kya Kyah or kiah?? That's if we do go with this name!! lol
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