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Help needing thoughts on names! Lock Rss

Hi mummies, I'm due to give birth to our second son in the coming weeks we have two names picked but cannot decide which one!

1: Rayner Kai
pronounced (RAYN - ER)

2: Harper Kai

His big brother is named Zander Kai we like the idea of them having the same middle name.

I like both names but in different ways, Rayner is quite uncommon & Harper to me is unisex, but these days seems to be used more commonly for girls

I was originally set on Rayner but have since had a dream where we had picked Harper

Let me know your thoughts
Thanks in advance

I really like Rayner however one thing to be prepared for is he may get Ray for short (a name I don't personally like).
Harper is a good name too but a bit too used for my liking lately.

Good luck. I have 3 boys and my third wasn't named for a week due to finding it so hard to agree on any names with my husband so at least you are down to 2 names smile

Also, I like the idea of them both having the same middle name.
Since you asked, I'm gonna give my opinion.
I think Harper is a stupid name. Also I have in-law cousins with last names of Harper so I'd never choose it. It also kinda sounds American. But if that doesn't bother you then go for it.
I have a son and it's hard picking a boys name. We were gonna have Rayleigh but it soon grew to be unappealing. And my sister's man's mother is called Rayleen (only just found out omg).
So in my opinion, go for Rayner. It sounds different and not as common or as stupid as Harper. Plus Haper kind of sounds like a girls name.
I think they are both beautiful names but personally I would go with the one that is easier to spell so Harper.
It sux having to spell your name for everyone all the time.

I love Harper Kai.
I'd prefer Rayner Kai, simply because Harper is getting a really popular girls name, and Rayner Kai flows better I think. I quite like the nn 'Ray' also.
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