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Need your thoughts and suggestions Lock Rss

I am expecting baby #2 in May and hubby and I cannot agree on names. So far we have come up with for a girl:


Middle name will likely be Ann or Margaret.

For a boy:


Middle name will likely be Paul

What are your thoughts?? Any other suggestions??

Thank you smile
I like names that flow, I'd pick

Scarlett Ann (my nieces name)
Isaac Paul
I will go with Scarlett and Hayden
Interested to know what baby #1 name is?

Sometimes they clash...
Thank you. #1 is Amelia
If the name of the first Amelia, then it seems to me that for her sister will approach Scarlett, and for brother Ryan
Georgia & Ryan
What about Asher Margaret for a girl instead of Ashleigh? Amelia and Asher sound good together.
Also like Scarlett.
And Hayden
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