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Emerson for a girl? Lock Rss


My hubby and I are loving the name Emerson for a girl, possibly Emerson Marie after her Aunty.

What are your thoughts, is it a boys name or ok for a girl? Would you spell it Emersyn, or is Emerson better?

Has anyone heard of the beer in New Zealand called Emersons? Kinda putting me off!

Thanks smile Nikki
I love the name & had it top of my girls when I had ds1 10 years ago. I would spell it Emerson
That's a cute name for a little girl. I would spell it Emerson but it all depends on how you want her name pronounced Emer-SIN or Emer-SON. I've never heard of that beer but i live in Aus and am not a beer drinker. smile
Lovely name, Emerson would be better and its a unisex name can be used for both as far i know
In UK it's 19% feminine
I prefer Emerson for a girl, I know it is traditionally a boys name but I think it is quite feminine. I would spell it Emerson and use something decidedly feminine for a middle name... Emerson Rose or similar.
I love the name but the second name I am not sure of.
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