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Lucy or Darcy Rss

Hello - just wanted to get any opinions on Lucy vs Darcy - I love both names and will probably wait to meet my little girl before deciding. My hesitation on Lucy is around it being a bit too common (I like traditional but not overused) and also the fact I do know of several dogs called Lucy though not close friends or family so not really an issue. I love Darcy but is it a little masculine - I am not sure on spelling, may prefer Darcey or Darcie. Any thoughts appreciated smile
I like both of those. I know what you mean about Lucy being more popular, but I don't think it's too popular. I do like Darcy too, and don't think it's too masculine, though in saying that one of my girls is named Asher, which is more traditionally a boys name so maybe I'm not a good judge.
Do you like Macy? It kind of has a similar sound to it, and is not common.
What do you have in mind for a middle name?
Lucy sounds more of a traditional name, I like that one better ! smile

I like the spelling of darcie for a girl & darcey for a boy smile
Thanks for your replies! I am planning to use Belle as the middle name either way...a name I love but husband isn't sold as a first name which I do get.

So, Lucy Belle or Darcie Belle perhaps!

I think Macy is nice but our last name is M and also is it a bit American?

I love the name Asher for a girl.
I like Darcie more.. its sound cool and elegant smile
Natalie_272 wrote:
I like the spelling of darcie for a girl & darcey for a boy smile

Yes, Same I was thinking Darcie would be more suitable for a girl instead of Darcey.. smile
Lucy sounds really popular, I would agree. Darcy reminds me of Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. I used to be in love with him when read a book though! So, in that case Darcie would really sound better. I am originally from Russia, so I remember Lucy was a popular name to call a dog or any other animal hah. I know it is not common in States, but still I have that weird feeling. My vote goes to Darcie. It does sound really elegant and unique.
I'd go with Darcie Belle. smile It is a lovely and unique name and simply possesses elegance. Yay! I'm excited for you! smile
Lucy is more common than Dracy.
My vote goes to Dracy.
i prefer Lucy
Bit late to the discussion, but I'm called Darcey and despite that being the female spelling of the name I have never received any paperwork with my name spelt right! If you do chose Darcy - spell it without the e or -ie, as you will save your child a lot of correcting throughout school and university - even my drivers' license was spelt wrong at first!
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