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is 'lily' too popular now in nz? Lock Rss

Hi guys, I had my heart set on Lily as a name for our baby girl, having thought it was quite unique, a derivative of my grandmas name and my favourite flower-but now I see it is up in top 20 baby names for the last few question is, in reality, what does this mean in nz-will she be one of 5 in a class, or still only likely to meet other Lily's now and then? Just hate it when people have names that every one has (in my generation things like sarah, Hannah) and people have to use surnames or descriptive features to know which one they are talking "tall lily" or "lily with the red hair"...! Heeelp I don't want to have to choose another name but don't want this to happen!!

I always planned to call my future little girl Lillian with the nickname lily however I had the same concerns. I had a baby girl at the end of last year and decided against using the name for exactly the reason you've stated. I grew up with a name that was always shared by multiple members of my class and I didn't want that for my daughter. That said, it's a beautiful name so if I hadn't found another which I loved as much I would have gone with it anyway.

Popularity doesn't mean you shouldn't use it... just lots of people love the name so much that lots of people use it! But yes I think it's likely they'll have other class member with the same name.

Hope that helps
Hmmmmm I haven't met a lily as of yet, however I am pregnant with first so don't mix with lots of children. I am totally against common names too and if lily is appearing in that top 20 list then that should tell you it's pretty common.

Middle name?
I've heard of a few Lily's, it is making a comeback.
I personally don't care if the name is common or not, I just pick names that I love. My son is Blake and my daughter who is due in 8 weeks will be Caitlin. Yes, popular names and there may be a few of them at school but I don't care because they are names that I love. At least with popular names they won't have to go through life spelling them for everyone and that's worse.
If you really love Lily, I say go for it.

Thankyou all for your replies-it is a tough one, I do love the name but I really loved it when I was younger as it was so unusual! Plus the middle name we had quite liked is Grace, which again seems a common combination! Here are the name contenders we have at the moment, I have picked a couple of names that could be nm Lily, but if we do go for Lily as a first name we sort of want a quirky middle name for her inner rock star/hippy! Otherwise lily could go middle name.
So any extra suggestions for off the wall middle names or options to sit in front of lily welcome please! I like names from nature, water, light or the sky
Front runner:,Lily Grace Bunyan
Layla grace
Leila grace
lylah grace
Hazel lily
Grace lily
Lily scout
Lily wren
Lily skylar

Thanks for your input!! smile
I like Leila Grace but also Leila Scout
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