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Laker, Chase, Flynn - help with boys names please! Lock Rss

I desperately need help with names.
Our top three are:
1) Laker
2) Chase
3) Flynn
What are your thoughts on the three and why?
Hi there lovely,
do you have reasons/meanings behind your names? (you dont have to answer that, that is always something i ask friends.. and me when i was preg hehe). to me, laker and chase sound quite american, so if there's an american connection in the fam its quite cute!! i personally love flynn just because it sounds cute and friendly. good luck xx
My advice......write down all three names on a piece of seperate paper and place a hand distance apart.......close your eyes........mix around paper.........hold onto your belly with one hand and with the other move your hand gently around the prices of paper and think about your baby. Your spiritual bond with your baby will help you decide .
Haha they do atually sound quite American don’t they! I never realised. But nope, no American connection. There is no reason for any of these three names except my husband and I both like them. I’m just not 100% on any of them so I need other people’s opinions, good or bad. I tend to like short names (one or two syllables) that can’t be made into a nickname easily. Eg: I like fletcher but I worry he would be called “fletch”. I like names that end in a vowel sound, like “ah” or “er” (as Aussies don’t really pronounce the r)
I like Chase but prefer the spelling Chayce ????
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