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Changing my baby’s name? please help x Lock Rss

Hi mums and dads. I have a 7 month old named Coco, and I really don’t like her name. I literally cringe when I hear it and don’t think this feeling will ever go away. I want to change it to Charlotte, so we could keep Coco as her nickname perhaps, but I would feel more comfortable knowing she had something formal to fall back on.

What do people think? Is it too much paperwork for her later in life? Will friends and family think I’m nuts?!
Hi! I have also changes my baby's name. PSA had advised that if i'll change my baby's name, I have to do it as early as now so he won't have any troubles when it comes to legal documents in the future. You just have to pay a little amount and then wait for a couple of days. smile
You have to change her while she is still a baby. Right now the legal document that you have to change is her birth certificate, your local registrar can guide you on what to do.
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Hi! I understand what you're feeling since I've been through that exact thing. Do the necessary changes while your baby is young. She will really thank you later.
Lauren |
Charlotte is a pretty good name. Go for it.
choose a better name. |
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