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Baby girl name help Lock Rss

We’re expecting our third baby and are stuck on names! It’s our first little girl and she has two big brothers Archer and Finley (Finn).

Names we like so far are:

Middle names will most likely be Catherine Joy after family members and last name is Green’…’.

Opinions on the names listed or suggestions for other names greatly appreciated!
We seem to second guess ourselves with every name so would love some input.
Thank you!
Great names! Love Elsie!
I have a little girl called Bonnie and that name would also fit in really well!
Other suggestions are Sylvie, Sadie, Shae, Paige, Marnie, Flo, Everly, Evelyn, Vivian, & Esme
Good luck with bub!
I will vote for these two names,
Both are nice.

Regards - GG

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Joel Hancock
What cool names! Delilah and June are both great!
Bu the way, when we chose names for children, we looked at so many values that my head went round and round. You will laugh, but I named the eldest son Dean and the youngest son Samuel. Grandma is very unhappy because we had a tradition of naming sons after relatives.
It depends on your Child's surname. I heard a name this week being Rose. Which sounds nice until I heard that the surname is Gold.
I knew a couple years ago who also wanted to name their Daughter Rose but their surname was Bush.
I really like Elsie if my opinion matters.
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