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hi i just wanted some ideas for girls names, i really want Charlotte 'Charli' Jay but my boyfriend won't be in it! any ideas on how i can get around it? or a nice different name perhaps. i think with all this hassel i'm hoping for a boy! we have Rori Coopr Or Cooper Dane picked out for him! what does everyone think?

due 21/10/06

Hi Jeseka101,

Congrats on your pregnancy. I think Charlotte is a beautiful name. If that is the name you have your heart set on I suggest you tell your boyfriend that. I made an agreement with my DH when we had Lachlan that we would take two names into the birth and decide which one to use once we saw what the baby looked like. I told him I loved the name Lachlan and he could choose one too. (He choose William). Once bub was born my DH was so relieved that it was over for me that when I said I really want to call him Lachlan my DH was happy to agree to anything!

Don't know whether this method would work for everyone but it sure did for me!

Good luck.

I know this is sneakey.
When my sister had her baby. They said baby has undecided name. She had taken an envelope and stamps in with her. She filled in the paper work and sent it of that day before her other half came back. The name has grown on them and he agreed like Elisa's hubby did that she gave birth and it was her choice. She didn't tell him she had done all the paperwork. A few words were said over it though when he found out, but hey she got her way and it was all over and done with. Name is Paige Leigha

She had approached hubby before and said you can stay and let me have my name or you know where the front door is. He stayed smile

I don't recommend this way as it could back fire and we do bring it up at family gatherings.
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