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Please vote on my middle name Lock Rss

I have got it down to two names and I really cant decide. I know in the end it is my choice. I really want to keep the name a surprise from everyone, so i don't want to ask friends or family for input. So it has come down to you guys to help me

Kaitlin Paige
Kaitlin Rose

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

I prefer Kaitlin Rose - its a beautiful name! smile

Go with kaitlin Paige! I love the name Paige, its what Im giving my daughter as her first name

I see that over 20 people have viewed my posting and only 3 have let me know what they think sad

I am really just writing this to get it back towards the top of the postings so more people may respond. It keeps slipping down the list....

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

I really like Kaitlin Paige. What a pretty name.

I like Kaitlin Rose. I would have to cos I named my eldest daughter 'Caitlyn Rose'

Good luck and in the end it's up to you

Hi I really like both names, but my vote is for kaitlin Paige. Cheers Tracey.
Kaitlin Paige gets my vote. Paige isn't overused compared to Rose for a middle name. Plus Paige has an elegant sound to it I think.
I think Kaitlin Paige is gorgeous and Rose is used so much as a middle name.
Kaitlin Paige is unique!



I like Kaitlin Paige i think it is a really pretty name.
Hope you can make a decision. Good lock!
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