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Family doesnt like the name we picked! Lock Rss

We finally agreed on a girls name, which is Sienna (no middle name yet). I am from Brazil and over there that's a car's name, but geez I didnt even remember that, I really like the name. But my mum and day and siblings really hate it. Now I sorta have mixed feelings about it. I know I shouldnt care about their opinion, but its nice when you say a name and people go "what a lovely name". I mean, I dont even know if I am having a girl, but now I am finding myself looking around for other names. Has anyone gone through that as well?


Mum to Alliyah (4), Isabella (2) and #3 due 04/11/06


I think Sienna is a gorgeous name. If you like it stick with it, they will get over it. I love the names you chose for your other two girls also.

We are probably going to call our girl Courtney and both of our mothers have said they don't really like it but we are still going to use it if we want.

Good luck.

I think the name is lovely, and goes really nicely with your other daughter's names.

I know this is easy for me to say but who cares what anybody says, it's your decision!

Goodluck! wink

Amy & daughters Jada 10/07/06, Alana 07/04/08

I think Sienna is so pretty. I have no doubt that when your family see your baby they will soon forget that they initally diodn't like the name and will just see her for the beautiful baby that she is. I reallly wish that people wouldn't say when they don't like a name (family I mean). It is hard enough for parents to be to agree without negative thoughts form others. I don't think you should let the fact that is a name of a car worry you. Mercedes was a girls name before it was a car and I am sure that is the case for Sienna too.

It is hard. I wrote out a list of names that i told my mum I was considering including the one I had pretty much decided on. I only put down names I really liked. Mum went through the list and told me straight out which ones she didn't like which was half of them. I came away feeling disappointed because she had crossed out a lot of names I loved. It was then that i decided I was going to pick the names myself and not tell anyone until after the birth. It is easier that way, and once you have had the baby and given it a name they tend to keep there opinions to themselves (well they don't say they dont like it to your face)

I really like the name Sienna and have come across it a lot in this forum. It seems to be getting popular. If you are from Brazil and didn't even know it was a car name then I doubt many people around here will know. Go with what you like.

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

Sienna is a very pretty name. It's not a classic name and seems to be flavour of the month at the moment. It is becoming very popular.
Deciding on a name is very difficult, especially as there are so many lovely names to choose from. I think once you see your darling baby for the first time you will know what name seems to suit him/her. Go with a name that you and your partner both like and everyone else will get used to it. We all grow into our names also and others couldn't really imagine you being called anything else.
Yes i know what u mean, Im Italian and some relo's had it happen to them. Luckily my parents wernt like that with me, but some relo's and friends have. In the end darl, you really have to choose what ur heart feels. And you obviously come from a close family to be worrying so much about their feelings. Perhaps use Sienna as a middle name and choose another 1st name.
In the end do what ur heart feels coz you dont wnat to look back and think "I should have"
Good luck gasp)
I think Sienna is adorable, it really doesn't matter what other people think though, if you like it & think your bub will be ok with having it as a name then i'd say go for it.

It's different but not weird, so that's a plus! I'd say go with it & maybe you could get your parents & Siblings to maybe suggest a middle name - then everyone kinda gets a bit of input.

Good luck.

Kel, SA, Mum to Lillian Rose - 06/06/06

Hi Roberta,
I agree with some of the other posts.
Sienna is absolutely beautiful for a name and I love it!
I am not telling ANYONE what name I've chosen (well, other than this forum) because when we started throwing around a few names, all we got was negativity from family and ultimately I will choose the name I want, regardless of how the family or any friends feel about it.
I agree that if you tell them after bub is born and the decision is final, they will unlikely to say they don't like it and bad luck anyway because the decision is final.
So, zip your lip until then:-)
It's hard though, when you start thinking of your bub by a certain name, not to accidently blurt it out!
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