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girls name sorted, but boys?? I need help:) Lock Rss

Hey girls ( and some men!!),

My hubby and i have decided to use FAMILY names for our unborn. But trying to find a family name for a boy is kinda hard as my sister has used most of them on her children and the other names to us are tooooo old. I have a middle name for a boy but no first name, we want to keep it simple and oldfashioned. Our last name is potts , so if anyone could help, or has any comments, they are greatly appreciated!!!!!!! here goes.............................

Boys is ........................ Gregory Potts. ( Gregory is my hubbys fathers name as he has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and hubby wanted his fathers name in it.)

Girls name is Emily Matilda Potts. Emily Matilda was from my great grandma. That was her name.

cheers kristy

Kristy mum to jamie and 4 month old imogen

Hey Kristy,
First off, congrats to you and hubby, I love the name that you have chosen should bubs be a girl... For boys names I like:

Jayden Gregory Potts
William Gregory Potts
Tyson Gregory Potts
Hayden Gregory Potts
Logan Gregory Potts

I think all these names go quite well with the middle and last name... Good luck...

mama to 3 beautiful angels...

I just love the names Emily and Matilda.
I like the sound of Maxwell (Max) Gregory Potts for a boy.
Congratulations and all the best with your pregnancy.
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