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Middle name for Hannah Lock Rss

does anyone have any suggestions on this?
i have no idea

manda smile xx

DD may 03, DS oct 06

Some suggestions I have thought of are:

Hannah Leonie
Hannah Rae
Hannah Lee
Hannah May
Hannah Ruby
Hannah Danielle
Hannah Michelle

Hope this helps.

My niece is Hannah Jayne.

I think Hannah Elise goes nicely together.
How about Hannah Grace. We would have picked this had our first child been a girl (but we had a boy). My best friend had a girl around the same time and called her daughter Hannah Grace. I still love the name and would still love to use it, and even though this friend wouldn't be offended (at least I don't think so), we see each other too regularly and it would get confusing.

James' Mum

Hannah Barbara! hehe
Kidding darl, I like:
Hannah Chantelle
Hannah Michelle
Hannah Danielle
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