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Help choosing name Lock Rss

Hi everyone.

My husband and i are having a little girl. I am 30 weeks pegnant and We are stuck on four girls names can you please tell me what you like best.
Chantelle Kathleen
Hayley Kathleen
April Kathleen
Jasmine Kathleen
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
I like Hayley and April....

Good Luck

oh this is hard to choose but i say i would go with
Hayley Kathleen very pretty.
All the best! Take care!
Luv Becky


Hayley Kathleen gets my vote. Good luck with it all.

Jasmin Kathleen is my favourite out of those choices.

Good luck with the upcoming birth.

Kristi 5 kids.

Definetely CHANTELLE!
Thats my 7 month old bubs name!
I would have to chose Hayley or April I love them both, but maybe wait until she is born she may look more like a chantelle. Who knows?
I like Hayley Kathleen the best.

Good luck...perhaps best to see what the baby looks like before making final decision.

I can't remember what website I was on, but if you typed in your chosen name, it gave an opinion poll of what people thought of that name.

For example, I always wanted to call my little boy Axl, to which everybody instantly thought of Axl Rose from Guns 'n' Roses (and so did I because he is yummy), but hubby didn't like the name, and 20% of people thought of Axel Foley from Beverley Hills Cops films (Eddie Murphy)...yuk.... maybe worth having a look for similar website!
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