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What is every1s opinion on my names? Lock Rss

Josey Annalise and Samuel james or
Jessica Ruby and Bailey Robert.
Please help me i am so undecided any suggestions would be wonderful.
Take care!
Luv Becky


I love Josey, and I like both Samuel and Bailey.

Good luck deciding

hi becky,
i'm with larissa i love the name josey, and i also like both samuel and bailey.
good luck with it.

sharon,nsw, kailee 2, marc 6 months

Hi There
I'll say I like Josey Annalise and Samual James! (My boy's first name is James so I have to like that one). Josey is pretty - and not terribly common (but not uncommonly strange)l

James' Mum

Jessica and Samuel get my vote.
Well my name is Jessica, and its been the most popular name in the Herald Sun for the past 5 years!


i like Jessica and Bailey

Again, choice of names depend on surname, but I don't really like Josey Annalise as too many "S"'s., but do like both names independently.
I like Ruby Annalise! If I was having a girl, I would have liked to call her Ruby, but hubby not too keen.
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