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Help - Baby due in 9 weeks and cant decide on name! Lock Rss

We have Baby number 3 due in 9 weeks and cant decide between the two names we have chosen. Our other two children are Claudia Brooke and Travis James. Middle name this time will be Gene after my husband. We like names that everybody has heard of but are not common. So the two we have narrowed it down to are -

Austin or Marco

We also like Dylan but I think its a bit too popular.

Would be interested to know anyones thoughts!

Claire, NZ, Claudia 6, Travis 3, Mason born 6/8/06

hi there,

what about Liam, Noah and Brodie?

I prefer Austin to Marco. I also like Dylan but it is getting popular.
Trying to think of uncommon but regular names and all I can think of are Leith, Tate, Aiden, Keegan
They are not names i am using so feel free to admit you don't like them smile

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

Austin is a nice name not too common but people will have heard it. Good luck
Take Care Becky


what about byron? i love that name but when naming our son the only name me and my partner could agree on was jackson (sigh) lol so our little angel ended up being jackson byron smile

Lisa, N.S.W

Hi I have to say Austin Gene definately has my vote
sounds great. good luck
Austin gets my vote. I think it's a great name for a little boy and a man. All the best.
Thank you so much for all your help and ideas - I had to laugh at the suggestion of Byron - its a very cool name however it is my best friends sons name - so I dont think that would go down to well!! I am leaning towards Austin myself - we were going to use it for Travis until a friend said you cant do that it rhymes with your dogs name (Boston) - so this time round I am keeping my mouth shut and not talking to any of my friends about names!!

Claire, NZ, Claudia 6, Travis 3, Mason born 6/8/06

What about the name Ethan?

Kylie, NSW, mum of 2.5kids

hi claudy your baby due in 9 weeks am happy for you i just had number 3 two girls one boy love my children alot hear are some names for you hope you like them kyle;ethan;jayden'cameron;corey;bailey'railey'liam'hope i hope you abit let me know how you went ok lisa
how about Declan?
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