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Need your brains Girls!!! Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I'm 14 weeks pregnant and we have started talking about names already! We want to be organised.

Anyway we love any name that shortens to Ellie or Allie. Could you tell me all the nice girls names you can think of that would shorten to one of these for a nick name.

Her middle name will be Kathleen and last name is Short.

Thanks everyone

Mummy to Maddie and Ollie smile

Some of these can obviously be shortened to Allie or Ellie, others not so obviously, but you still could

Alison, Alice, Alaina, Alana, Alisha, Alissa, Alex, Alexander
Elouise, Elinore/Eleanor, Ella, Elaina, Elisha, Elisa, Elizabeth

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

For some other suggestions on names that can be shortened to Ellie or Allie, how about....


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