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Opinions wanted thanx Lock Rss

Hello Girls

i could do with ur thoughts on baby boys name ive pick out ...
Chayse Bradyn Nathaniel

I really luv it just want reasurance... Is 3 names 2 many. Pls honestly ok... My frenz have said they`ll give me baby shower is it wrong 2 be Mmm pushy? im 24 wks & so far no plans 4 one... i want 2 be organised:)

Thanx girls Xx
Honest opinion - I like the names you have chosen, but I have never been big on using more than one middle name unless there is a reason - i.e. naming baby after a family member. I don't see the point in having all these spare names that you never use. Others look at it thinking they don't see any harm because they never get used. So each to their own.

As for a baby shower, I don't see the harm in having one and if your friends want to organise it all the better. A lot of people wait until they are further along, but I say don't wait until you are heavily pregnant. I would want to join in with the fun and games rather than sit like a beached whale and see my friends having fun. I guess it depends on what type of shower you want. Some organise games, others keep it to a relaxed lunch.

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

Hey Ash!
The name u have chosen is great! there is nothing wrong with having 3 names especially if u r happy with them.
But i know how hard it is i am still undecided. LOL
Love Becky


I love the name.
Go for it.

Braden Chase was on my list for a boy.

I really like that name and i dont think that 3 names is too much at all in that case.

As for baby showers, just go ahead and organise your own if you want it done.

Kristi 5 kids.

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