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Names Lock Rss

Hi all smile

1st time mum due in november... As I come from a big family and have 18 nieces and nephews!!!!! My dilema is some of my favourite names have been taken up by family members... was wondering if anyone had any ideas of some names... Names that I liked which can not be used are Charlotte, Hollie, Olivia and Thomas... any suggestions would be brilliant... last name will be spencer??

Thanks smile

genna - due 3rd nov

hi there,
well that is a dilema, i had trouble finding the rite name also as i worked with choldren in the past and couldnt asociate any children i knew with the name i was going to pick 4 my baby. mine came to me going dostreet 1 day (alexis) then ia added a fammily name as her second name (sophie) and wallah i had my babies perfect name. or other names i was going to have were tahlia jade or tyler james 4 boy. you have got heaps of time especially in the last few wks when it goes really slow to come up with a name or 4 a name to come to you like mine did. your doin great

good luck with it all

steph n alexis 15mths

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

I just looked in a magazine I had as they had a small piece on top baby names I remembered reading and lots of yours were there so will put the list for you



When I was pregnant with DD a close friend of mine knew 3 people who had babies all around mine and they called their DD - Ava which is nice.

Connor is a nice boys name also.

All the names I like are a little unusual. So hope I have helped.
Hey there Genna,

There is a whole section on baby names in the PREGNANCY section, or you can go through the Birth Annoucenments in the NEWBORN section.

I personally used a website

You can look for boys or girls names seperate and are alphabetised so you can pick an initial that you like first and start from there.

My DD's name is Makaia (pr. Ma'Ky'Ah) and her middle name is Anna-Lisse (same as mine)

I made a short list of all the names i liked wherever i heard them and just picked from there. It is a hard choice, but you do have tonnes of time! I found out i was pregnant at 30weeks so didn't have as much time to find one but it suits her just fine.

Take care and all the best!

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

Hey there Genna.
I havethe same problem as you up unitl last Friday. I have 28 nieces and nephues so it was really hard for me to. My sil took the name that i wanted for my baby and used it as a middle name, and as i like having different names to those in the family it took me forever. We had the bays name picked since the day we found out that I was pregnant (Anthony Jacob, AJ for short). I have now settled on Mistique (probounced Mist-teek) Harmony. It's going to cause a little bit of trouble but in the end it's my choice and that's what I want at the moment. Good luck

little monkeys

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