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Help me choose which boy's name PLEASE Lock Rss

Hi everyone

We still have 3 more weeks to go till we (hopefully) find out the sex of our bub.
We have chosen girls names but can't decide on boy's names.
We have a shortlist so please tell me which you prefer smile
We prefer 'normal' names for boy's and our surname is long so we prefer to keep first names short.

Samuel (Sam)

The middle name will be Connor after my Pop.

PS My only worry with Joel is that Jack (our son) and Joel reminds me of Jack and Jill !! Is that silly or do you agree ?

THANKS HEAPS in advance !!
Kel x
Hay Kel,

I like Ryan Connor and love Max Connor...

I hope that helps

love Clare
xxxxxxxxxx smile

If it helps at all I think Ryan goes very well with Jack.

Best wishes.

I like Ryan, Dylan and Nathan. I dont like Max and not sure about Samuel. I do like the name Joel, but agree with you on the Jack & Jill thing, and wouldn't use it myself for that reason.

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

I think that both Ryan Connor or Nathan Connor work really well... it all depends on if you like the sound of them with your last name.

I understand your worry about Joel and Jack... i have to agree that it doesnt work very well together tho!

Hope you find this helpful and good luck!

Jaz smile
our 3rd( & last) son is Ryan so that gets my vote!! from your list Iwould go with either Ryan or Max

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi Kel

I really like Ryan Connor and Nathan Conner. The other names are nice too but I particularly like those two names the best. I agree about the Jack and Joel thing definantly sounds strange - please no offence intended!

It is great that you have got to the stage of making a final decision, I can't even get hubby to sit down and agree solidly on any names at the moment!

Good luck for your ultrasound.


4 lovely munchkins DD 10/03, DD 03/05, DS 10/06 &


Ryan and Dylan get my vote.

Jack and Joel? It took me a few reads to understand what you meant so i guess to me it didnt seem silly at all.

Good luck grin

Kristi 5 kids.

I like the sound of Ryan Connor and Max Connor...

Good Luck

Samuel Connor gets my no. 1 vote.
I like Max, Sam and Dylan. I like Joel too, but not for the whole 'Jack & Jill' thing...

Have you thought of lengthing the name Max at all? My DH is French and he was a friend named Maxime (pronounced Max-EEm), I love this name and was considering it for our son, until my husband vetoed it.... :~

I really like Dylan that is my most favourite boys name. My second pick would be Ryan.
Good luck with picking a name.

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