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What r your honest opinions about these boys names please? Lock Rss

My fiance and i are finding it hard to see eye to eye on boys names, what do u think of Bailey Robert and Samuel Troy?
And if u have any suggestions please help, Thank you and i hope every1 is feeling gr8!
Take care!
Luv Becky and Bubba.


OH bailey Robert is so adorable.... I loveeeeeeeeeeee it.

Samuel is nice, but not sure about the troy???

Scream the name a couple of times and then see what you think... thats what we did smile

Funny I know


I say get rid of both middle names and combine the two first names
Bailey Samuel or Samuel Bailey.
Sorry to be a pain. Its just that I like Bailey, but don't like Robert.

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

You should tell us your surname, then we can see how your chosen names "flow".

I like the sound of "Robert Bailey", but depends on surname really!

Not too keen on Troy, but again, may sound good with the right surname. This doesn't really help you, but.......
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