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Grier? Lock Rss

What do you all think of Grier for a girls name?

I saw it today and thought "Oh, i like that"

Now i just have to see if hubby does.

Does anyone have a Grier?

Whats her middle name?

Do you have alternative spellings? Preferably with double letters in it.

Thanks grin

Kristi 5 kids.

Hey i knew a girl called Greer i like the name but i didn't like her lol smile

Ds 17/10/06

I have heard of the name a couple of times (both people who would be aged between 25-35). So maybe it was popular years ago, but don't know of any kids called that these days. I like it though. Both I know are spelt Greer, but you could also go for Grear?? It is also a surname.

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

It's not too bad a sounding name. Grier is the name of actress Brooke Shields 2nd baby girl born the same day (and the same hospital I think) as TomKats baby, Suri Cruise.
Hi Kristi,

My mother in law would be in love with you for choosing that name.. Her name is Greer.
We just found out I am almost 8 weeks pregnant and she keeps saying to me "greer is a lovely name"
I know the forums are for honesty but I you love the name then I think you should chose what is right for you!

let me know what you decide.

Talk to you soon

Take care.
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